The first poster for Beastie Boys Story has been unveiled. Apple TV+ and IMAX have also released tickets for the special preview screenings, which take place early next month. It's been over a year since Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and Michael "Mike D" Diamond put out their memoir and celebrated with some live speaking events detailing their history in select cities. Those initial shows were what gave Spike Jonze the idea to create Beastie Boys Story.

The Beastie Boys Story trailer dropped in January. Now we get the poster for Beastie Boys Story, which is largely made up from the first photoshoot famed photographer Glen E. Friedman did with the group on their first trip out to Los Angeles in 1985. At the bottom of the poster, Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond can be seen looking up at the image from the stage. A lot of iconic Beastie Boys images came out of this initial shoot and a lot of stories came out of this first trip to Los Angeles, where they were opening up for Madonna on the Like a Virgin U.S. tour.

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The Beastie Boys weren't even close to household names when they opened for Madonna in 1985. Their legendary debut record, Licensed to Ill, was still a year away from hitting stores, so nobody really knew who they were, especially young Madonna fans. This is just one of the crazy stories that will be included in Beastie Boys Story, but it's unclear how it will be filtered through the lens of Spike Jonze. While the live "shows" that Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz put on were pretty unorthodox, the experience should be a lot weirder with Jonze attached.

The IMAX screenings take place across North America on Thursday April 2nd and last until Saturday April 4th. This is a pretty good jump since the documentary doesn't hit Apple TV+ until April 24th. In addition to the documentary, Spike Jonze is also putting out a Beastie Boys photo book, which will be released on April 14th. The book is separate from the documentary and provides fans with a ton of unseen images of the group throughout their nearly 30-year relationship with the director.

Beastie Boys Story was supposed to hold its world premiere at SXSW, but the whole event has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Since that isn't happening any longer, the IMAX screenings will be the first time that people are able to get a look at the highly anticipated "live documentary experience." Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond wrote the Beastie Boys book in their own style and did their live speaking events in the same manner, all of which kept Adam "MCA" Yauch's spirit alive. With that said, it's going to be very interesting to see what Spike Jonze has done with this material. You can head over to the official Beastie Boys Story website to purchase IMAX tickets and then check out the first poster below.

Beastie Boys Story poster