Beauty and the Beast is heading to Blu-ray and DVD next week, and a few of the deleted scenes from the bonus content have found their way online. The billion-dollar movie was released in March and is now a worldwide smash. Beauty and the Beast is also the 10th highest grossing movie of all freaking time, which is kind of a big deal and is more than likely the reason that we will see every animated thing Disney has ever done rebooted into a live-action scenario.

Disney is promoting the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray edition by teasing out two previously unseen deleted scenes, one of which adds an interesting character. The two clips come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. The first deleted scene is an exciting one where Belle offers some bread to the village beggar (also the enchantress who turns people into different things). The scene could be just more foreshadowing to prove what an awesome person Belle is, but ultimately the scene wasn't needed and you can see why it was left on the cutting room floor.

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The next deleted scene should've been kept in the movie. It's one of the rare instances that something good was taken out, probably for running time or maybe because it was little to risqué for the Disney movie. Monsieur Toilette, a grumbling potty, is introduced when LeFou sneakily finds a safe place to hide. LeFou believes he is safe in the bathroom until the toilet starts making weird noises, leading LeFou to run out screaming. Is there a deleted, deleted scene where we see what happens in the bathroom? Disney needs a prequel for Monsieur Toilette. What did he do to deserve being turned into a toilet that a beast uses? Must've been something serious, or if not, that dude got the rawest deal out of all of the characters in the whole movie.

The Jungle Book is sure to have been the deciding factor to continue rehashing the animated stories for Disney. The live-action adaptation of Lion King is currently in the works and Disney is also doing a remake of the already live-action Mary Poppins, but one has to wonder why not make a cartoon version of Marry Poppins? A little reversal would be creative. During the dance routines they can use real life animals instead, making it a total reversal of the original movie. The remake apparently has the stamp of approval from 91-year old actor Dick Van Dyke who was in the original Mary Poppins, which is pretty cool, I guess.

Beauty and the Beast will be released for the first time and probably many more times on June 6th for the streaming services and for those who would like to own the physical 5" artifact. The Walmart edition comes with a real enchanted rose along with all of the additional features available on all of the other versions of the movie. Beauty and the Beast will hit Netflix in about a month, but without the bonus features. You can check out the two deleted scenes below.