Underworld: In a recent chat with MTV, the ever-beautiful Kate Beckinsale discussed her upcoming vampire vs. werewolf flick, Underworld. Set amongst the backdrop of the centuries-old feud between vampires and lycans, Underworld tells the familiar Shakespearean story of the blossoming affection between the vampire Selene and her werewolf love interest. But for as much as has been made of the love element, Beckinsale is hesitant to focus on it.

"People are sort of talking about it being a love story, [but] it's less a love story than 'The Matrix.' There's an attraction there between my character and Scott Speedman's character, but the main thrust of the movie is absolutely not a love story. It's action." RELATED: Kate Beckinsale Would Still Love an Underworld Vs. Blade Crossover

And as for sequel potential to this sleek-looking, gothic thriler?

"I would love to do it again. I had an amazing experience on this movie. I think that when you push yourself beyond what you think your limits are