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Tonight before the MTV Movie Awards, MTV will be screening a behind the scenes special called "Becoming A Hobbit: A Behind the scenes look at Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers". This show will air at 8:30 p.m. (ET). CLICK HERE for details!

In addition they have posted a flipbook of behind-the-scenes pictures of the show: CLICK HERE

Daredevil: Rob Zombie interviews Ben Affleck over at MTV's Movie House about the upcoming comic adaptation of Daredevil! CLICK HERE for the interview. Along with the interview, they've posted a flipbook of photos from the set: CLICK HERE

The Matrix: Reloaded & The Matrix: Revolutions: USA Today reports that the next two installments in the Matrix trilogy will be released in the same year! We've know this for months, but USA Today has on article for us on why this is really cool news.

In other Matrix related news, have posted a transcript from a French television show where Lambert Wilson talked about his role in the upcoming sequel. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for the full story.

King Conan: An Ain't It Cool scooper reports that ILM is working on CGI for King Conan to enhance the muscle definition on Arnold Swartzenegger

"Word is, ILM was asked by people tied to King Conan if it is possible to use CGI to enhance the size and definition of muscles on the body. I don't want speculate but it sounds like an aging Arnold is getting a muscle makeover with CGI. "

CLICK HERE for Harry's take on the whole thing.

Spider-man 2: The IMDB has listed Sam Neill as Dr. Octopus in Spider-man 2. With the IMDB being a publicly updated database, anyone can enter information into any movie. Therefore, take this as rumor for now...

Aronofsky: Aronofsky's latest flick has had a title change. According to a scooper at Ain't It Cool, "the film isn’t called LAST MAN. It’s called THE FOUNTAIN." Seems that this film can only be described right now as "like a science fiction film and a history film about South America and a story about God all at once." CLICK HERE

Pitch Black 2, 3 and 4: Director David Twohy talked to Variety this week about his proposed plans for the project now entitled Riddick. Check out the quote, thanks to Garth at Dark Horizons:

"Vin has become a bigger star, and he and I became interested in multiple pictures. Vin wanted a franchise and when 'Fast and the Furious' didn't happen for him, we pitched this to the studio and they went for the idea of not just one but up to three follow-ups. We'll give Riddick multiple adversaries on different levels. We think of 'Pitch Black' like 'Mad Max' was to 'Road Warrior,' or 'The Hobbit' was to 'Lord of the Rings.' They were places to find one of your characters, enabling you to take them to different places in subsequent films".

Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones: This week, Entertainment Weekly talked to Frank Oz about the life of a digital Yoda. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Stay tuned...~Brian