Beetlejuice is getting his own bar! And if you say your drink order three times, it will appear before you. Welcome to Beetle House in New York. It is a fine drinking and dining establishment that has been inspired by the iconic director Tim Burton, his 1988 classic Beetlejuice and some of the other movies he has unleashed upon the world.

Beetle House is getting ready for its big grand opening in New York City's East Village later this year. You can visit the bar's official website here. It reveals that both the food being served and the drinks on hand will pay direct homage to the work of Tim Burton. While the bar very much looks like a juke joint where you might find the Ghost with the Most on his off-hours, that is certainly not the only movie being represented.

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A quick glance at the cocktail menu reveals such delights as the 'We Come in Peace', a direct reference to Burton's 1996 ode to classic 50s sci-fi camp Mars Attacks. There is also the Fleet Street martini, a nod to the 2007 adaptation of Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp as the barber of Fleet Street. The official Beetle House Instagram describes the 'We Come in Peace' as such.

"We come in peace, Stoli salted caramel vodka, Rum chata, cream, caramel swirl salted rim. Another one of our powerful elixirs. We believe this one increases happiness, improves mood and arouses taste and other senses."

On the food side of things, fans of Edward Scissorhands and other Tim Burton movies can order the Edward Burger Hands. Anyone looking for a comforting dish to enjoy alongside The Nightmare Before Christmas need look no further than the Eggs Skellington plate. And to wash it down? Why not try a tall glass of 'This is Halloween'. Says the Beetle House about this cocktail.

"This is another one of our hand crafted custom potions. It is Halloween in a glass. We believe it stimulates the spirit, while it washes your palate with the flavors of the season like pumpkin, spiced cider, apple, ginger and cinnamon."

This isn't the first theme bar the proprietors of Beetle House have attempted in New York. Last year, they also opened Stay Classy New York, which pays homage to the works of comedic actor Will Ferrell. According to the Beetle House's official website, the establishment will be opening in late April, which means the doors should be swinging soon. You can already reserve a table at the link provided above. Here are a few of the drinks courtesy of the bar and restaurant's official Instagram, starting with the 'We Come in Peace', followed by 'This Is Halloween', 'The Chocolate Factory' martini and the '9'. In here, it's Halloween all year long.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange