Over the years we've heard many times over that director Tim Burton plans to craft a sequel to his 1988 fantasy horror comedy Beetlejuice starring Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, and Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most. Evidently Keaton is more than ready to return as the titular pest in Burton's Beetlejuice 2. After too many false stops and starts to even count, today we're hearing from composer Danny Elfman, who isn't quite sure what is happening with the long-planned followup.

Last we heard, Tim Burton doubted that Beetlejuice 2 would happen. Now we get an update. Specifically, longtime Tim Burton composer, Danny Elfman, says this about the movie when asked if Tim Burton has said anything to him about it.

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"No, you know, oddly, he has not mentioned it to me. A year ago, I saw Michael Keaton, and he mentioned 'So, we're doing Beetlejuice 2?', and I said 'Well, you'd know more than I do.' And I've heard nothing about it since."

Great. So Michael Keaton was excited about working on Beetlejuice 2 over a year ago. Good to know. But the fact that Elfman hasn't heard an update in more than a year is not a good sign. Bummer. But that said, maybe the second film is a bit further ahead in the development process than Elfman knows as he goes on to say:

"Yeah, projects will be in development for quite a long time. So I think it is something that has been in development for a few years, but I don't know where it is in that process. I'm always the last one to hear, believe me. Often, I'll hear about whatever movie Tim is doing, it is kinda funny, because he'll call me and he'll say 'Danny, I'm doing such and such a film, would you like to come on board?', and I'll already have read about it in Variety two weeks earlier. So I'm not the first one to hear about things, let me put it that way."

So at least Elfman being super out of the loop on Burton's future films is some kind of hope to go on. But in the end, truthfully I could care less about the specifics regarding what's keeping Tim Burton from making Beetlejuice 2. I just know that a sequel is something this world needs. Hell, I'd even take that once upon a time planned follow-up Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian at this point in time. After all, did we really need to see Tim Burton's live-action take on Disney's classic animated movie Dumbo? As good as that movie ended up being, the simple answer is still a resounding, no. Especially when it keeps Keaton's Beetlejuice off the big screen.

Anyways until we hear anything further about a new idea for Tim Burton's Beetlejuice 2 starring Michael Keaton, let's all just go ahead and pretend that Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian is coming our way soon. For those that don't know, yes, that is a real sequel that was once in the works from screenwriter Jonathan Gems. It was set to follow The Deetz family as they move to Hawaii to develop a resort. But as construction begins, it's quickly discovered that the hotel may very well be sitting on top of an ancient burial ground. And as the supernatural shenanigans mount, someone eventually says his name three times, bringing the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice back into the action to save the day. Anyhow, this update comes to us from joe.ie.