Fans have been clamoring for Beetlejuice 2 practically since the first Beetlejuice hit theaters in 1988, and it seems now the project is closer to happening than ever. While no cast members have been officially confirmed, Michael Keaton will surely be back as the Ghost With the Most, while director Tim Burton revealed last week that Winona Ryder will also be back as Lydia Deetz from the original classic. While there isn't much more we know about the story at this point, Tim Burton stated in yet another interview that this project isn't exactly a sequel to Beetlejuice, although he wouldn't elaborate any further on the plot.

"I love the character and I miss it and I love Michael. I haven't worked with him in a long period of time. There's a script now, that I think is closer to what it could be and I'm excited about it. I wouldn't call it so much a sequel, but it'll have some characters [from the original Beetlejuice]. It's a bit too early to say but it's definitely something that's on my radar and something I'd love to do."
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Naturally, since Tim Burton wouldn't elaborate further, it isn't known exactly what he meant when he said he wouldn't call the project a sequel. It seems unlikely that they will go the prequel route, since both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are coming back as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz, 26 years after originating the characters. Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg wrote the screenplay for this follow-up, but no story details have surfaced quite yet, and it isn't known when the project may get the green light.

Even if Beetlejuice 2 isn't a traditional sequel, it seems clear that there will be enough elements from the original in place to give the fans what they've been asking for since the late 1980s. While this project may in fact be close to happening, nothing has been confirmed yet, and it isn't known when production will begin. Do you want to see Beetlejuice 2 happen, or do you think the original should be left alone? Chime in with your thoughts below.