Reviews are starting to come in for the Beetlejuice bar in Los Angeles, and it's basically like eating dinner and drinking with a jerk, which is pretty much how a normal bar works, right? The Beetle House pop-up bar first opened in New York last year, and the Los Angeles location just opened a few weeks ago. Zach Neil built the bar and decorated it with antiques, vintage chandeliers, shrunken heads, and way too many oddities to list here to make it as an authentic Beetlejuice/Tim Burton experience as possible. Beetle House even has an interactive version of the miniature town where Beetlejuice lives and of course an actor (who is not Michaael Keaton) portraying Beetljuice greeting and interacting with customers.

The Beetle House has barely been open for two weeks and it is seeing large crowds that want to come in and experience Beetljuice firsthand and possibly eat the "Edward Burger Hands" hamburger or drink some delicious "Halloween in a glass." Some of the patrons coming in don't seem to have seen the movie or maybe they thought that Mr. Juice is a nice dude and not a jerk. Beetljuice is one of the best a-holes in cinematic history and the actors portraying him at the Beetle Bar are doing their best to not tarnish his reputation.

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One angry customer took to Google Reviews to air his frustrations with the Beetle House. Read the hilarious one-star review below.

"Beetlejuice drank from our alcoholic beverages without even asking us. The waitress was awesome, brought us a new one, but Beetle Juice continued to spit all over our drinks and all over the table. Definitely will not be dining here again, regardless of how much I LOVE Tim Burton and his films."

C'mon, that sounds freaking amazing! That's definitely an authentic Beetlejuice experience if you ask me. Beetle does what Beetle wants and the next two-star review proves it.

"Beetlejuice kept grabbing my wife's breast and making honking noises. Service was decent."

Another angry customer left this glowing two-star review, mentioning that the atmosphere is good, but that's about it. The reviewer explains.

"Not to mention the lack of sanitation there. I'm surprised the health department hasn't shut them down. I watched the Beetlejuice guy take a bite off a customer's fork and then drop some back on their plate. No joke."

I'm not 100% certain, but it sounds like the actor playing Beetlejuice is a certifiable badass. Elsewhere the reviews are pretty much positive for the Beetle House. Tim Burton does not condone it and it's a kitsch bar, not a 5-star restaurant. Patrons are supposed to go throw back a few with Beetljuice, Instagram that they got to do so, and go home.

Neil and his partners are also responsible for the Stay Classy Will Ferrell/Anchorman themed pop-up bar where patrons could down scotchy scotch scotch with a Ron Burgundy impersonator. The team continues to open up themed pop-up restaurants all around the country while the Beetle House in New York City has gotten to stay open for over a year due to its popularity. It's a simple premise, go drink and eat overpriced mediocre food at place that's different from your local watering hole with Beetlejuice.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick