For years, we've been threatened with a sequel to Beetlejuice. Apparently it's still happening, but we're no closer to getting a follow-up to Tim Burton's iconic supernatural comedy than we were three or four years ago. Burton is on board, Winona Ryder wants to come back, and Michael Keaton thinks it would be a blast. But it just hasn't come together yet over at Warner Bros. While we patiently await any kind of update on Beetlejuice 2, we do have something pretty cool for hardcore fans of the ghost with the most. A couple of rarely seen deleted scenes pulled from the original workprint.

These scenes have been swimming around on the Internet for a little while now, but Bloody Disgusting noticed that a third scene had recently been uploaded to Youtube after two other black and white scenes had made the rounds over the last couple of years. And you know what they say, you can never get too much Winona Ryder, who has made quite the comeback starring as Joyce Byers in Netflix's phenomena series Stranger Things.

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These scenes in question are from a very rarely seen workprint of Beetlejuice, and they are all in black and white. These deleted scenes were cut from the movie for various reasons. And an interesting note, the workprint was actually 2 minutes shorter than the version that hit theaters, even with these scenes now missing. IMDB has this explanation for what we're seeing here.

"This version of the film runs around 2 minutes shorter than the theater release, has a few extra scenes and is missing some. This version has 4 major differences. Alternate scene: The scene were Adam attempts to leave the house after he and his wife die is different. Instead of a desert he sees empty darkness filled with rolling cogs. Extra Scenes: There is an added scene were Lydia is developing the pictures she took of Adam and Barbra. Then after her mother yells at her and blames her for cutting holes in her sheets Lydia runs upstairs and tries to convince her dad the pictures are real. There is an added 10 seconds after the adults were in the attic searching for the ghost were we see the desert monster trying to eat Adam and Barbra as they hang from the attic window. Finally there is an extra 2 minute scene at the end were we see Lydia riding her bike home from school and her parents talking to Jane on the phone telling her they do not want to sell the house. Side note: Lydia's dancing scene is cut short in this version, and there is no scene with Beetlejuice in the waiting room."

The first scene is called 'Beetlejuice Workprint Alternate Attice Scene'. Jakeeenator explains what we're watching.

"In this scene after everyone leaves the attic we see Adam and Barbra hanging from the window and the sand monster is trying to eat them."

The second scene is merely called 'Beetlejuice Workprint Scene'. This is what Jakeeenator has to say about it.

"Its been a while since I uploaded a Beetlejuice workprint scene but here is a part that was cut. In this scene Lydia's mother yells at her about cutting up her sheets and Lydia tries to convince her dad that there are ghosts haunting their house. I should also note that there is really only 1 or 2 small things left that I have not shown but I will not be uploading anymore Beetlejuice content after this to help keep the films rarity. I apologize if this upsets anyone but trust me when I say I uploaded what I thought was the most interesting stuff from this movie."

Finally, we get 'Beetlejuice Workprint Alternate Desert Scene'. It shows how Beetlejuice actually works as a Black and White drive-in movie from the 40s. Jakeeenator says this.

"This is an alternate scene that was not used because after showing it to a test audience it caused confusion. This scene has never been officially released in any way."

These are all pretty cool, and should get any fan pumped and ready for Beetlejuice 2. Sadly, it's anyone's guess as to when the sequel will actually happen. Tim Burton is currently wrapped up with Disney's live-action version of Dumbo, which reportedly stars Tom Hanks as the villain. That movie will definitely shoot before a Beetlejuice sequel, so we may have to wait until the next decade for more Micheal Keaton as the obnoxious haint and the return of Lydia. Until then, enjoy these clips.