Beetlejuice is the goth/comedy/horror mash-up of our blackened dreams. It was the Tim Burton Michael Keaton movie we didn't know we needed, when those two Caped Cruder capers were but bats in their belfries. Beetlejuice sits mightily alongside the rest of peak Tim Burton. Feel like your whole life is a dark room? One, big, dark, room? It's time to call the Ghost with the Most. Sure, he'll probably wreck everything, in this life and in the afterlife, but it'll be a blast. If he gets too bothersome, just call on a sandworm or two. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! So shrink your head and get undead, crank up the Harry Belafonte, and journey into the Netherworld as we rediscover at 10 things you never knew about Beetlejuice.

Original Beetlejuice script was much more grim.

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Original <strong><em>Beetlejuice</em></strong> script

The original Beetlejuice script describes the title character as a leather-winged demon, with a human form that's far less charming than the green haired ghost we know and love. There was a lot more blood and gore in those pages, with a much more sinister tone.

House Ghosts and Scared Sheetless were possible titles.

Original <strong><em>Beetlejuice</em></strong> movie titles

The higher-ups at Warner Bros. were perhaps understandably a bit squeamish about releasing a movie called "Beetlejuice" and strongly suggested a name change. House Ghosts was their preferred title. Burton jokingly offered Scared Sheetless in response. According to an IFC article, the studio actually took him seriously at first.

Beetlejuice is a star.


Yes, the movie turned the title character into a pop cultural hero, complete with his own band at Universal Studios in Florida and Japan. But the origin of his name is quite literally cosmic. "Betelgeuse" is an actual star, situated in the Orion constellation. In fact, it's the ninth brightest star in the Earth's night sky.

Michael Keaton wasn't Tim Burton's first choice.


Sammy Davis, Jr. was already in his sixties around the time Beetlejuice was getting going, but at that point, the character was envisioned with a bit more of a laidback lounge singer vibe. Tim Burton was gung-ho to cast the famous Rat Packer in the title role. It was actually music impresario David Geffen, who oversaw the picture for Warner Bros., who suggested Michael Keaton. At the time, Keaton was known for more straightforward comedic fare like Mr. Mom.

Juliette Lewis auditioned to play Lydia.

Juliette Lewis as Lydia in <strong><em>Beetlejuice</em></strong>

The future star of Natural Born Killers was one of the young actresses who auditioned for the crucial role of Lydia, after a number of stars reportedly passed on the role, including Molly Ringwald, Jennifer Connelly, Diane Lane, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Burton was impressed with Wynona Ryder's performance in 1986's Lucas. Ryder was only 17 when she made both Beetlejuice and Heathers the same year.

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