Attention K-Mart shoppers. Are you having trouble with the living? Are you tired of having your home violated? Want to get rid of them pesky living critters once and for all? Well I know just the dead guy to call. Say it once. Say it twice. Third time's a charm ...BETELGEUSE! BETELGEUSE! BETELGEUSE!

"That's right Chuck, I'm talking about the ghost with the most. Join me on Saturday, July 20th in the small New England town of Corinth, Vermont for a very special On Set Cinema event of one of the most beloved cult classic movies of all time ...BEETLEJUICE! I will be showing the movie in the heart of East Corinth, inside the historic Box B barn, which is located directly by so many locations from the movie, including... the town church, barber shop, fire department, cemetery, Lydia's school, Maitland Hardware and the once covered bridge where Adam and Barbara plummet to their deaths. The barn can be seen in the establishing shots of the town and in Adam's model. The production used this barn as the location where they built all the sets while filming in the town!

On Set Cinema is an ongoing film series that takes fandom a step further with rare movie screenings of cult favorites and horror classics at their actual filming locations. Created by Kenny Caperton, who lives in a life-size replica of Michael Myers' house from John Carpenter's original Halloween.

Kenny promises the screening is going to be a blast - there will be refreshments available and I encourage everyone to come dressed as their favorite Beetlejuice or Tim Burton character, but of course it's not required. You'll be able to watch the movie from ground level or above in the old hayloft! Fans will also be able to join me on a tour of the town, which includes seeing some props from the movie (including the cover of the bridge) and access to the property where the infamous Beetlejuice Maitland/Deetz house once stood (it was built specifically for the movie). Corinth is one of the most photographed small towns in America and I'm honored to be able to work with them to create a really fun and memorable experience for fans. So, let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose! Don't forget to bring your handbook. It's showtime! Visit On Set Cinema for complete and continually updated event details.

  • Beetlejuice OnSet screening info:
  • • Location: East Corinth, Vermont
  • • Time: Full event schedule coming soon (movie starts at 8:30pm)
  • • Admission: $75 per person (plus fees) - includes event t-shirt (design coming soon!), locations tour and screening of the movie

On Set Cinema <strong><em>Beetlejuice</em></strong> Screening

We all know there's only so close you can get to a movie when you're watching it at home from the couch ...but what if you could step into the screen for a moment? Watch movies like Empire Records, The Strangers, and Twilight at the actual spots where a lot of the action takes place - whether that's inside a small town department store where Sarah Michelle Gellar ran for her life in I Know What You Did Last Summer or at a California mansion where Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis face off during the climax of Scream, On Set Cinema takes you there.

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