Mike Flanagan, director of Oculus and Hush, also directed a horror movie entitled Before I Wake back in late 2013. The movie starred Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane as well as a 7-year old Jacob Tremblay, who was unknown at the time. Filming took place between November and December 2013 and Danny Elfman and the Newton Brothers completed the score shortly afterwards. Everything was running smoothly for Flanagan's Before I Wake until the distributor went belly up.

Mike Flanagan was recently on Mick Garris' Post Mortem Podcast where he revealed that the movie will more than likely never be released. The director stated that bankruptcy of Relativity, who purchased the distribution rights for Before I Wake in 2014, sealed the fate for the horror movie. He explains.

"It was a great deal, and it was a big fat wide release, and coming off of what they did with Oculus, it was like, This is going to be great. And so we sold the movie to Relativity, and we had a release date, and we were all set, and I moved on to the next project... And then things just got weird. Everything kind of stalled."

Flanagan went on to say that he and the production team weren't aware of what was happening right away and also mentioned that Before I Wake was testing better than Oculus had. Flanagan had this to say.

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"We didn't know it at first, but it was because of the collapse... And so they moved it off the date, and they didn't really have a good reason, and they didn't ask us to change anything, which was odd...  And it was testing better than Oculus ever tested. We were in a really good place... We just couldn't get these materials."

While all of this was going on, Relativity was in the middle of declaring bankruptcy, but promised that the movie would get a proper U.S. release with all of the promotional materials that the movie needed. The release date kept getting pushed back as vendors cut out Relativity due to unpaid debts. Flanagan then talked about the frustration when international buyers had picked up Before I Wake contingent on a wide U.S. release. Flanagan explains.

"But they'd pushed the date back twice at that point, and we had had international buyers that had picked it up based on the wide release commitment in the States, and so we kicked and screamed and shook our fists, but there was no choice but to kind of wait it out and hope they emerged from bankruptcy and would pick up where they left off and do right by the movie."

It was during this turmoil that now 10-year old child actor Jacob Tremblay had risen into fame. Flanagan talked about how amazing the young actor was on set saying, "we've made this incredible discovery, this kid is amazing!" The director even helped Tremblay get the part in his breakout performance in 2015's Room by sharing footage of the ill-fated Before I Wake with director Lenny Abrahamson. Flanagan then went on to say, "Jacob exploded, and he's probably the most recognized and respected child actor out there right now."

But not even Jacob Tremblay's success has been able to help get Before I Wake off of the ground. Flanagan then said that he would be surprised if the horror movie ever made it to the big screen, which is unfortunate. The combination of Relativity's bankruptcy and online leaking seem to have doomed the movie, which is a shame. You can watch the two trailers for the movie here.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick