Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Chris Evans, who next dons the costume in Avengers: Age of Ultron, makes his directorial debut with Before We Go, which was just acquired by RADiUS in a seven-figure deal. Chris Evans brought the film to the Toronto Film Festival this past weekend, which is written by Ronald Bass and Jen Smolka. An official 2015 release date should be announced soon.

Here is the official PR:

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RADiUS proudly announced that it has acquired US rights to Before We Go, Chris Evans' directorial debut in which he also stars opposite Alice Eve.


The film follows the journey of two strangers stuck in New York City for the night. Starting as convenient acquaintances, the two soon grow into each other's most trusted confidants when a night of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.


RADiUS has slated a second quarter 2015 release.


Drawing comparisons to Before Sunrise, Before We Go was produced by Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, McG, Mary Viola, Karen Baldwin, Howard Baldwin and William J. Immerman.  The executive producers are Peter Pastorelli, James McGough and Ron Bass - the latter of whom also wrote the screenplay with Jen Smolka, Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair. Before We Go is the first film fully financed by Wonderland.


According to Chris Evans:

"As a first time director, I'm so excited that we found a home with RADiUS. I was really impressed with what they did on Snowpiercer and my film couldn't be in better hands."


RADiUS co-presidents Tom Quinn and Jason Janego go on to say: 

"Our collaboration with Chris Evans began on Snowpiercer and we're excited to be working with him again on this winning romance.  Directed with a deft hand,  both he and Alice Eve have tremendous chemistry with each delivering an assured subtlety and highly seductive performance."