Christopher Moltisanti, notorious member of the elusive crime family The Sopranos, presents a film experience described as Saw" meets The Godfather: Part II" in Cleaver, a slasher film based on his dark world of murder and deception.

A young wise guy assassin gets betrayed by his own people after they whack him and spread his body parts all over the city. The murdered mobster comes back from the dead for revenge against Mob Boss, Sally Boy, who planned his killing, as the Cleaver.

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Starring Jonathan LaPaglia as the "Cleaver" and Daniel Baldwin as Mob Boss "Sally Boy," Cleaver is the brainchild of known Mobster Moltisanti. His vision was realized with the help of Screenwriter JT Dolan, Producer Carmine Lupertazzi, and up-and-coming Director Morgan Yam.

Sopranos Cleaver Poster

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