One of horrors most talented is back for more!

Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Myrick returns to his indie roots with the latest addition to the Raw-Feed series from Warner Home Video. Believers, a modern day physchological thriller, is set to be released on June 19th, 2007.


Believers is a creepy and provocative film set in an almost entirely real time world, where the story unfolds through the eyes of the two central characters; paramedics David Vaughn and Victor Hernandez.

The paramedics answer an emergency call in the rural outlands of southern California where they come upon a lonely gas station and find an unconscious woman, Rebecca and her terrified daughter, Libby. According to Libby, the two are on the run from a cult known as The Quanta Group led by a man the members call The Teacher. As both David and Victor are in the process of trying to save this girls' mother, a group of strangely tattooed men pull up in a pick-up truck and kidnap them all at gunpoint.

They are then driven to a remote facility where they learn they have been abducted by a doomsday cult that is in its final preparations to "transfer" into the next life.

Believers stars a slew of up and coming actors as well as some veterans who round out the superb cast. Johnny Messner (star of Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid) plays David, while the recognizable Jon Huertas from TV's Invasion and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation plays his conflicted partner, Victor. The Quanta Group is led by The Teacher played by veteran television actor Daniel Benzali from NYPD Blue and the star of Murder One.

His second man in command is Erik Passjoa as IO, who has been in several TV series including, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck and more. Rounding out the cast is Deanna Russo playing Rebecca, who was recently in the first Raw Feed feature, Rest Stop, and her daughter in the film, Libby is played by Saige Ryan Campbell, who is already producing movies at only 12 years old!