While director James Gunn finishes his massive Marvel sequel Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for release on May 5, kicking off the summer movie season, he also has a much smaller movie he wrote called The Belko Experiment hitting theaters this spring. Following the red band trailer that was released in December, Orion Pictures and Blumhouse Tilt have released a second trailer suitable for all ages. But the latest footage still shows how gruesome this not-so-average day at the office is for the employees of Belko Industries. The Belko Experiment hits theaters on March 17, putting it up against what could be another Disney blockbuster in the making.

Blumhouse Tilt will put The Belko Experiment up against Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest movies this spring, perhaps even for the entire year. Beauty and the Beast has shattered trailer view records every time new footage is released, indicating that the fans may certainly come out in droves when this fairy tale adaptation hits theaters on March 17. Also debuting on that release date is A24's Free Fire starring Brie Larson, with Warner Bros.' Kong: Skull Island and Roadside Attractions' The Wall opening on March 10 and Warner Bros.' CHiPs, Sony's Life and Lionsgate's Power Rangers arriving on March 24.

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Written by the acclaimed writer/director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Slither) and directed by Greg McLean (creator of the Wolf Creek franchise), The Belko Experiment is a terrifying, provocative and at times hilarious thrill-ride that literally provokes the question; what does it take to survive at work? From Orion Pictures, The Belko Experiment stars John Gallagher Jr (The Newsroom, 10 Cloverfield Lane), Tony Goldwyn (Scandal), John C. McGinley (Stan Against Evil, Scrubs), Adria Arjona (True Detective), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The film was directed by Greg McLean and executive produced by James Gunn and Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle). James Gunn first announced this project back in March 2015, revealing that Greg McLean, best known for the Australian cult classic Wolf Creek, would come aboard to direct in a lengthy Facebook post. He also revealed that this idea came to him in a dream, and he wrote the first draft of the script in a "two-week fugue state binge." That post also revealed that Jonathan Glickman was one of the first to read the script, and, years later when he became the MGM production president, he approached producer Peter Safran and James Gunn about financing it.

While its box office prospects may not be great, going up against some of this spring's biggest heavy hitters, The Belko Experiment may certainly end up being a cult classic in its own right. One of the many positive critic quotes on the trailer claims the movie is a mix of Battle Royale and Office Space, which is even more fitting since one of The Belko Experiment stars, John C. McGinley, also starred in Office Space as one of that movie's "efficiency experts," Bob Slydell. Take a look at the latest footage from The Belko Experiment as we get ready for the March 17 release date.