Have we got some amazing Bell Witch news for you!

According to Fangoria, Bell Witch: The Movie will coming to DVD September 1 from Big River Pictures and Cinemarr Entertainment.

This release will be available "in both standard and hi-def editions" and "will be preceded by exclusive early HD-DVD and Blu-ray availability earlier in the summer."

Bell Witch: The Movie will also be on sale through Amazon.com, rental stores and "available for Unbox downloading via TiVo."


The long awaited feature film from director S. Shane Marr starring Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees - Friday the 13th) was the first movie about the Bell Witch to be shot, with principal photography ending in November 2002. Marr, a High Definition purist, says the film's release was held until HD viewing capabilities were more readily available to home viewers. "We shot Bell Witch in 24p 1080 HD back in 2002," Marr says, "but we decided to hold the film until it could be released in HD so that people could see it as it was meant to be viewed."

In keeping with the HD focus, the movie's September 2005 premiere at the historic Ryman Auditorium was shown using Sony's 4K High Definition projector. It was the first time that projector had been used for a public viewing.

In keeping with Marr's vision of a true High Definition release of Bell Witch: The Movie, it will have an exclusive early release this summer on HD DVD and Blu-Ray prior to its wide release in both HD and Standard Definition in September.

Bell Witch: The Movie will be available online at Amazon.com and bellwitchthemovie.com or you can download it through Unbox onto your TiVo. Bell Witch: The Movie is also available for home rental at video stores. Contact your local video store to make sure their supplier is carrying the movie.

Bell Witch: The Movie retells the haunting legend of The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee, a historically documented haunting that took place in the early 1800s.