OnlyFans creators are extremely angry with Bella Thorne. Last month, the former Disney Channel star set up her own account, though she didn't start promoting it until last week. Thorne is charging her fans $20 a month to view her exclusive content and claims to have already made $2 million in the process. The site allows adult creators to connect with their fans in a more intimate way than normal pornography, but, Thorne isn't offering that kind of material through her subscriptions, which misled a lot of her fans.

When Bella Thorne first promoted her OnlyFans account, she said it was a way to "fully control my image; without censorship." This automatically had fans thinking that the actress was going to start posting topless photos for her followers. That did not happen, which left some fans disappointed and looking for a refund. Plus, OnlyFans had a system built in where users could spend $200 to have a private show, or private photo set with a particular model and this was included on Thorne's page, leading to many people asking for refunds when the images were of her in lingerie.

After the $200 debacle, OnlyFans changed their system for how content creators get paid and how users can spend their money. The site claims it's to protect consumers and has nothing to do with Bella Thorne, though many creators believe that the timing is a bit odd. Creators in some countries will now have to wait 30 days for payment, which is up from 7 days. One frustrated creator says, "Due to Bella Thorne scamming her fans in a $200 PPV message OnlyFans has now introduced these changes to all creators rather than restricting her account." Another one simply said, "F*** Bella Thorne."

OnlyFans creators are now accusing Bella Thorne of breaking the site and its services. Another content creator says, "I very rarely publicly shame people directly, but damn, Bella Thorne literally messed up the lives of a MASSIVE amount of people. There's naked pictures of her on the internet, FOR FREE but she charged $200 for pictures of her wearing lingerie." She continued and had this to say.

"The OnlyFans platform has basically been destroyed because of her lying. Sex work is real work and Bella Thorne just made a joke out of it and proved she has no idea what it means to be a sex worker. She disrespected every sex worker out there and nobody will forget about this."

Basically, a lot of OnlyFans creators feel like Bella Thorne scammed her fans and then ruined their system of getting paid. Another creator says, "Bella Thorne f***ed over so many sex workers, I am so sick of celebrities." Thorne has decided to make a movie about her experiences on OnlyFans, which will be interesting. Will she address some of the content creators who are currently calling her out for breaking the system? While it has not been confirmed, it has been rumored that Thorne will be giving away her OnlyFans earning to charity. Vulture was the first to report on the Bella Thorne OnlyFans debacle.