Adult star Abella Danger "learned a lot" from working with actress Bella Thorne on Her & Him. Thorne shocked a lot of fans when it was announced she was partnering with PornHub to make an adult movie. However, the response has been positive and the former Disney Channel star is happy with the results, noting that it came out a lot different than she originally planned. Thorne was also grateful to PornHub for giving her the opportunity to create her vision.

Her & Him is now available to stream through PornHub's Premium subscription service and was produced through their Visionaries Director's Series. The movie stars actress Abella Danger alongside actor Small Hands. Story details involve Danger's character wanting to kill her boyfriend (Small Hands) and get away with it. The 23-year old actress revealed what it was like working with Bella Thorne and what she learned. Danger had this to say.

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"Working with her on the movie was so amazing. I learned a lot from her - not about porn, I know how to do that part. But I learned a lot from her, acting wise. And it was really cool to branch out because our porn scripts are meant to be like, funny, not serious."

As for how Her & Him compares to other adult movies that Abella Danger has made in her career, this was a completely different experience. "This was something that was like, you really wanted to like evoke these different kinds of emotions," Danger said. The actress continued by saying, "You really wanted people to feel something deeper than that," when working with Bella Thorne and interpreting her vision.

Her & Him is dark and contains elements of sexual violence, which was by design and the reason Bella Thorne could not get a traditional Hollywood studio to work with her on the project. Thorne previously mentioned that working on the set was pretty much normal, except for the sexual aspect. And when it came down to it, Thorne was very much into the whole process and into every detail. Abella Danger explains.

"She was very hands-on and very into every single word. Everything that went on. It was like, she had this vision in her head. And she was very determined to make it come to life. And yeah, she was definitely very serious. But in the nicest way possible... She really pushed me to like this new level of artistry that I that I didn't think that I could reach. I mean, I never got into porn to act. It was so incredible. I definitely hope that she goes on to direct more things in the future because she definitely has a talent for it."

Her & Him is available to stream now, though it is extremely NSFW. Bella Thorne has made a true adult movie, but added in some pretty serious emotional weight. In addition to the sexual aspect, Thorne wanted to explore the world of dominance through the male and female perspective, while flipping the script. She enjoyed the process, so there's always a chance that she'll partner with PornHub and possibly Abella Danger again in the future. The interview with Danger was originally conducted by In Touch Weekly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick