Bella Thorne and her directorial debut for PornHub has a new trailer and you can watch it now. The name of the short film is Her & Him and it's going to head to the Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany this September. After hitting the fest, the Thorne's adult movie will stream on PornHub premium later in September. Thorne has had the movie's story for a long time, but found difficulty finding someone to fund and distribute it. Thankfully, PornHub stepped in to save the day.

Her & Him depicts an edgy twenty-something guy who stumbles upon a surprise text in his girlfriend's phone, interrupting their morning routine and spinning everything into an out-of-control sexually charged encounter. The movie stars adult entertainment actors Abella Danger and Small Hands and features music from rapper Mod Sun. According to PornHub Vice President Corey Price, the movie is, "a modernistic, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of two star-crossed lovers who have an unbridled sexual longing for each other." Price went on and had this to say.

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"We're proud to announce our collaboration with Bella Thorne for the next installment of our Visionaries Director's Club. Bella's creativity and imagination (are) personified through the course of the film, as she takes viewers on a journey of passion and desire."

Bella Thorne said she originally wanted to make a Christmas-themed horror movie, but says, "instead I made a beautiful, ethereal film." Thorne considers herself to be very "lucky" that PornHub wanted to work with her. She says, "People are kind of scared to make a movie like this one when it comes to dominance and submissive(ness) between a male and a female." Thorne went on to say that people have trouble watching a relationship go "sour."

As for the Her & Him trailer, it is Safe For Work. However, the movie is apparently very NSFW and not for the faint of heart. The trailer lays out the basic story and then teases some dark undertones, including violence. It's not clear if Small Hands is going to make it out of his relationship with Abella Danger with his life, but for fans of adult entertainment, Her & Him may prove to be something new and adventurous.

Her & Him was made through PornHub's Visionaries Director's Series, which they say is going to take "unexpected guest directors" and bring their individual voices and styles to "diversify porn production." It's a lofty goal, but if anyone can do it, it's the mighty PornHub, who receive millions of views a day. Bella Thorne seems to be satisfied with the final result and the rest of the world will be able to judge for themselves soon enough. With that being said, Thorne has come a long way since her days on the Disney Channel, so don't expect something that you'll want to watch with your parents. You can watch the trailer for Bella Thorne's Her & Him below, thanks to the PornHub YouTube channel.