Nowadays, all it takes is a well-done piece of fan art to kick audience's imagination into overdrive. Recently, artist Aitesam Farooq, aka SpiderMonkey23 posted an image on Instagram envisioning Tom Holland in the role of cartoon superhero Ben 10. The artwork gained a lot of traction on social media, with fans clamoring to see the casting turn into a reality. Unfortunately, Holland himself shot down any speculation by responding with a simple "No" to the picture.

This isn't the first time the actor has had to firmly excuse himself from a famous role that fans want him to take on. The last time around, there was a great deal of fan art and deepfake content doing the rounds of the internet which imagined Holland as Marty McFly in a Back to the Future remake. Then also, Tom Holland had to go out of his way to shoot down the rumors that he was going to take over Michael J. Fox's role.

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Considering that the actor is already playing the most popular superhero in the world, the Amazing Spider-Man, and is widely considered the best onscreen iteration of the character ever, Holland has no need to take on another teen superhero role. Besides, he is not exactly hurting for big-budget franchise opportunities, since Holland is also playing the lead role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming live-action Uncharted movie adaptation.

In fact, at the moment, Holland is probably keen to distance himself from big-budget roles and remind audiences there is more to his acting range than playing the awkward but eager superpowered character. To that end, the actor will next be seen in Cherry, the Russo brothers' next directorial venture where Holland will be seen playing the role of an army medic with PTSD who becomes addicted to opioids and resorts robbing banks to pay for the addiction

Then there is the recently released trailer for Holland's upcoming Netflix feature The Devil All The Time alongside Robert Pattinson and Sebastian Stan, where Holland is seen affecting a southern accent as Arvin Russell, a disturbed young man with murderous tendencies.

For fans who want to see Hollan return to the world of superheroes, there is the upcoming Spider-Man film that will see the MCU's version of Peter Parker strike out on his own under Sony. Little is known about the plot of the film, but it will likely be a continuation of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which ended with the whole world discovering Spider-Man's secret identity, forcing Peter to go into hiding.

Meanwhile, Ben 10 fans might be disappointed to learn of Holland's disinterest in playing the character, but the franchise surrounding Ben 10 is in no danger of fading into obscurity, with multiple shows, movies, games, comic books and novels out there for fans to enjoy. There are also rumors of a live-action Ben 10 movie in the works for fans to latch their hopes on to next.

Neeraj Chand