A piece of comic book concept art has leaked, offering a hint at what Ben Affleck might look like as Batman in Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman Vs. Superman). This page, which is 1 of 3, comes from DC Comics artist Steve Scott, who collaborated with Christopher Nolan on the comic book adaptation of The Dark Knight. You can take a look at the page, along with other fan art concepts, to get a taste of how the notorious 'Batfleck' may eventually appear on screen.

Ben Affleck as Batman Concept Art
Ben Affleck As Batman Concept Art 2
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Ben Affleck As Batman Concept Art 3
Ben Affleck as Batman Concept Art 4

It's not known when this piece of art was created, as the month is listed as Batman (which, if you're a fan, is every month!), but it may be earlier art work from when Justice League was a priority over Man of Steel 2, back when they first tried to lure Ben Affleck into the role of Batman, long before he ever agreed to sign on. There is no evidence that this is art created in conjunction with Batman Vs. Superman.

It is interesting to see the various notes written next to the character, as Steve Scott conceives this particular Batman with lower, smaller bat ears. Another indicator that it may be early art from Justice League is this interesting bit of info.

"Texture should be separate between Batman from rest of JLA and Superman! Ben wants no bat nipples...NO BAT NIPPLES!"

Here, in 2013, that seems like an odd request to make, as Bat Nipples haven't been seen in over a decade. Fans chiming in this morning do not like the gold/brass batshield on the suit, with many pointing out that it looks like a cross between the The Dark Knight costume and the Injustice video game.

The art piece reportedly comes from a post on Comic Art House, which had the page up for sale. It was quickly removed, with Steve Scott explaining that it was a "wrong upload".

Whether or not this piece is actually from Batman Vs. Superman has not been confirmed, but like we said, it's highly unlikely. Though it is fun to see how someone associated with the Christopher Nolan universe of Batman movies pictures the highly controversial actor in the suit.

What do you think? Does it look a little too much like Night Owl from Watchmen? Do you like the gold? Or does it look too much like an action figure from the 90s? Let us know your thoughts!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange