Like a sonic boom, or the announcement that Heath Ledger was going to play The Joker in The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. dropped the biggest bombshell of the year, trumping the day's earlier news that Bradley Cooper was set to play Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. That's small potatoes now, knowing that Ben Affleck is set to play the greatest detective of all time.

That's right, Fred O'Bannion from Dazed and Confused is going to be playing Bruce Wayne in Man of Steel 2, and no one saw it coming. That small cameo serves as a clue as to why we'll be looking at Ben Affleck as Batman in 2015. The menace was there at a young age. Ben was the perfect bully, and he brought back some awful memories for nerds everywhere (much as he's doing today). He continued that line of work in Mallrats, playing a real douche that certainly had some very scary qualities. All perfect for when he pulls on that cowl and goes after the common criminal.

Where's your nice guy next door now, huh? Ben Affleck has been preparing for this moment for nearly twenty years!

A lot of names were batted about the Internet, as everyone and their Aunt speculated on who would be jumping behind the seat of the Batmobile. While the call was out that director Zack Snyder was looking for someone older to play millionaire Bruce Wayne, Affleck's name never rose to the surface. Instead, we heard everyone from Josh Brolin, to Ryan Gosling to Jon Hamm. And maybe they would have been good. But none of them are Ben Affleck! He may just have every quality needed for a new, different, unique take on the character as created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Its odd that Ben's name never came up, as Warner Bros. has wanted him to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Justice League for a very long time. And he has a strong working relationship with the company. If the Man of Steel franchise plans to go the Justice League route, of course they needed to go with a good, tested actor to play opposite an unknown like Henry Cavill. It sounds like all the pieces are falling into place for DC Comics move to big screen domination.


Right now, Ben Affleck seems to be in the middle, in terms of fan support. Exactly half as many people love this decision as hate it. Hardcore Christopher Nolan fans seem to be weeping the loudest (even despite the fact that the man remains a producer on the project, so he did have some say in this). While other, more open-minded fans are okay with this casting decision. It all really depends on the final product, which we won't see for two more summers. But rest assured, that opening day box office is sure to set some records. And before we get there, maybe we can sway you towards liking, and accepting, and wanting Ben Affleck as your most beloved comic book hero of all time.

Let's face it, looking at the landscape of available talent, WB made a pretty smart choice.

Even though some of you don't think so. Fans have petitioned Warner Bros. to remove the actor from the project: CLICK HERE There are also plenty of Memes running rampant through the Internet, making great fun of the casting announcement. Want to see some of the best: CLICK HERE

We're standing on the opposite end of this noise. Here's our argument for why he's the best guy Hollywood has for the role at this moment in time.

1 Ben Affleck Understands the Superhero Psyche and The Actors that Play Them


Its not been mentioned too much since the news of this casting spread across the globe quicker than the Simian virus. Sure, Ben Affleck has played a superhero before, appearing as the lead in 2003's Daredevil. And some angry fans point to that as why he shouldn't be Batman. The film was a learning process for Ben Affleck. Let's look at it as 'batting' practice, which makes perfect sense, right? At the time, superhero movies were just coming into their own, and the hired actors were the least of Daredevil's problems. It didn't know what it wanted to be, giving Ben room to try new things. He was able to see what did and didn't work, retaining all of that as an actor. Here, removed ten years from Daredevil, the actor has done a sufficient amount of work in perfecting his craft. Look at his decisions after this. Most of the roles he took on were more serious, and dark. He's never played the same guy twice, which plays into the duality of the Bruce Wayne/Batman role. He knows how to be charming, and sweet. Someone people can look up to and love. And as we mentioned in the introduction, he knows how to be a real dick. And Batman is just that. A fucking dick. More importantly, though, and this is what some of you have missed. Ben Affleck has also previously played Superman. Three years after taking on the role of Matt Murdock, the actor jumped into the role of George Reeves, TV's Superman, who died under mysterious circumstance. Not only had Ben Affleck played a superhero, here he was jumping into the skin of a man who was playing the most popular superhero of his time. He studied that half-deranged psyche of fame and wealth, and what being a real superhero to millions of people meant. He's played both sides of the coin. And he was nominated for a ton of awards for that performance. Even though a lot of you have never seen the movie. If any modern actor (besides Hugh Jackman) knows about the ins and outs of playing a superhero, its Ben Affleck.

What do you think? Did we make our case for why Ben Affleck is the perfect Bruce Wayne? Or did we turn into a real, good old fashioned Ben Asslick? Let us know why he still sucks in the comments below.

B. Alan Orange