Batman Vs. Superman has already started production, shooting scenes last weekend in East Los Angeles, where star Ben Affleck was spied lurking around the set. Its still unclear if he shot any scenes as The Batman, or if he was just getting an initial feel for the character. Earlier today, Al Norton and 411 Mania caught up with the actor to chat about the highly controversial role.

Ben admitted that he was unsure of himself in the part of Bruce Wayne, explaining that it was his love for Zack Snyder's take on the character, which promises to be completely new, that forced his hand in signing on.

"Initially I was reluctant as I felt I didn't fit the traditional mold but once Zack showed me the concept, and that it would be both different from the great movies that Chris and Christian made but still in keeping with tradition I was excited. Doing something different and new is always tricky and part of the thrill and the risk is that initially it confounds expectations. The truth is, it's the movie and the execution of it is what all the actors depend on and I believe in Zack's vision."

Earlier in the year, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara described this Batman as 'tired, weary and seasoned.' Affleck agrees with that assessment.

"Yes, Kevin described it aptly. I don't want to go further because I want to be able to capitalize on what is new about this iteration by having it be a surprise to the audience."

When pressed about his favorite Batman, the actor wouldn't commit to any one previous person, as some of these guys are still his acting peers.

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"t has been done very well many times before."

Batfleck had no response to the recent rumor that Bruce Wayne will be ditching his Tumblr and Tank for a more sleek and elegant black Cadillac, vintage era 1966.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange