It seems that Ben Affleck does not have many fond memories of his experience playing Marvel Comic's Daredevil, and now looks back at the experience as something that wasn't terribly pleasant. Speaking to MTV about his upcoming State of Play., Affleck said about Daredevil "That experience was not that much fun. And it's not something I'm particularly looking to go through again."

While it isn't clear if Affleck's displeasure comes from the people he worked with on the film, or the fan reaction to the movie, what is clear is that Affleck is done with the whole superhero genre. Asked if he would be interested in trying to do a different superhero, Affleck answered "No, I would not do another." He continued, "I was cured of that."

What is interesting is that it seems there is a story there that Affleck would like to tell - but doesn't feel he can. "One of the things about doing [a superhero movie] is that..." he began, then corrected himself. "No, that is not something I would want to do."

So, despite the fact that Fox is looking into possibly rebooting Daredevil, it seems there is no chance of Ben Affleck resuming the role of the blind superhero.