Ben Affleck has joined Gal Gadot today in calling on Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The former Batman actor has remained largely silent on the matter, along with just about anything else having to do with the movie or the DCEU. Zack Snyder left the project shortly before reshoots were to begin due to a family tragedy. There have also been rumors that the studio may have pushed him away.

Regardless of what you believe, the mythical Snyder Cut of Justice League is real and fans are demanding that Warner Bros. release it. Ben Affleck simply tweeted the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag earlier today, which received a huge response from DC fans on social media. Even Zack Snyder got on board by retweeting it, along with Gal Gadot's image from earlier today. Snyder says, "This ancient Amazonian can't be wrong," in reference to Gadot's Wonder Woman and "neither can Batman," in response to Affleck's tweet.

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After Zack Snyder exited Justice League, Joss Whedon came on to take over on reshoots, which according to Snyder at the time, was a part of the plan from the start. However, things started to change rapidly when the studio insisted on a set of lengthy reshoots that ended up drastically changing what Snyder had originally envisioned. While pretty silent on the matter before the movie's release, he opened up the floodgates by teasing concept art from his version and then full on images from the set, letting fans know in a cryptic way that his cut existed.

From there, DC fans who were deeply unsatisfied with the theatrical release of Justice League hit the pavement. They started a small protest outside of Warner Bros. studios, which started a social media cult. Soon, Release the Snyder Cut became a movement that grew rapidly and gained the support of Zack Snyder, who every once in a while would tease out new images and concept art to appease fans. Whispers of the mythical Snyder Cut started to turn into online shouting matches as to whether it really existed or not. Since then Snyder himself has revealed that it does indeed exist.

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot announced their support of the Snyder Cut of Justice League on the two-year anniversary of the movie hitting theaters. Over the past few weeks, Zack Snyder, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller have all posted pictures from the original cut of the movie and the hype has never been higher. Fans are hoping that this means that Snyder is really putting the final touches on his cut, which could end up seeing the light of day on the upcoming HBO Max streaming service. This would be a huge win for a parties involved, but mostly the fans. You can check out Ben Affleck's Twitter support of the Snyder Cut below.