NewsAskew have some updates on what might be next for actors Ben Affleck and Jason Lee...

Affrimative Action:

Ben Affleck and Will Smith will buddy up in the action-comedy "Affirmative Action" set in New Orleans. When a black soldier goes A.W.O.L. after committing a crime, a South Boston cop and a FBI agent who don't share the same racial views are teamed to find him. Affirmative Action was written by Jeffrey Abrams and is currently in development at Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Buena Vista will distribute the picture.

Jason Lee: Robert Zemeckis may be doing a second screen capture film. Jason Lee is attached as voice talent, as well as a few other notables:

Three kids learn that a neighbor's house is a living monster in the family CG-animated film Monster House. D.J. Harvard and his two friends Chowder and Jenny find that the house is alive and in it beats an evil heart. None of the adults believe the kids, so it's up to the three of them to figure out a way to destroy the dwelling before innocent trick-or-treaters are devoured. Gil Zenan makes his directorial debut.