Ben Affleck is in hot water once again. The Justice League star was subject to fallout in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, accused of groping actress Hilarie Burton's breasts on TRL back in 2003. He apologized for his behavior, but considering how many sexual harassment allegations have been surfacing lately, it's a touchy subject. Especially when someone whose behavior has been called into question. That's why so many people are mad at Affleck right now, as he recently made a sexual harassment joke that quite a few consider to be in poor taste.

The cast of Justice League were being interviewed by MTV. At one point, the cast was asked who they'd like to see join the team. Ben Affleck calls out Black Canary, saying they could use more women on the team. Then Katana's name is brought up. Henry Cavill says Supergirl. The interviewer then asked what they would "get up to" if Supergirl joined the team. Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the movie, responds by saying, "it would create a different dynamic." Then Ben Affleck chimes in, his lighthearted tone a bit misguided. Here's what Affleck had to say in response to the question.

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"You following the news at all?"

While he doesn't say it explicitly, it's quite clear Ben Affleck is referencing all of the sexual harassment claims made against those in Hollywood and, seems to be implying that having Supergirl, or another attractive superhero on the team, is inviting trouble. He was joking, but the joke was not at all appreciated. Here's what one fan on Twitter had to say in response.

"Ben Affleck casually making a joke about the sexual assault allegations in Hollywood is like Next level trash and I wish Ezra would've clocked him since he was sitting the closest to him."

While this interview was released nearly a week ago, it took a few days for fans to catch on to the joke. Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in Justice League, was also called into question for making a rape joke back in 2011. He's since apologized, but another fan, in a tweet that has since been deleted, called out people for not getting on Ben Affleck's case over this joke, while Momoa took a lot of heat for his joke.

"Why has Jason Momoa been called out so much for a sexual assault joke from years ago that he apologized for back then than Ben Affleck has for making one like a few days ago?"

Just a couple of days after this interview went online, Supergirl producer Andrew Kreisberg was actually accused of sexual harassment by several men and women who work with him on the Arrowverse shows at The CW. He's since been suspended and, even though this joke by Ben Affleck was made before Kreisberg's allegations were made public, the timing is a bit uncanny.

Ben Affleck's behavior was also called into question when a video of him acting inappropriately toward Anne-Marie Losique resurfaced from 2004. However, it's worth mentioning that Losique later told The Wrap that the behavior was "all for the cameras." Still, this joke isn't making things look good for Affleck. You can check out more of the social media reactions, as well as the video, courtesy of Twitter user Storm Pilott, for yourself below.

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