Ben Affleck has thrown away his life-size cutout of ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas. It was reported earlier this week that the celebrity couple have decided to call it quits. Affleck and de Armas started dating back in March of 2020 and parted ways amicably, according to sources close to the two actors. "Both of them have completely full lives in a good way," a source said. "There will always be that love."

After news of the split, Ben Affleck and his family thrashed Ana de Armas' life-size cardboard cutout. The cutout was seen in the actor's garbage and was reportedly thrown away by his three children and Academy Award winning brother, Casey Affleck. While the breakup was allegedly amicable, de Armas was apparently the one who called it off because she reportedly wasn't into living in Los Angeles fulltime. As of this writing, neither Affleck, nor de Armas, have come forward and released official statements.

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The cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas was originally spotted over the summer at Ben Affleck's home. Back in June, the actress was seen playing with Affleck's three children and the cutout, which featured her lying on her stomach and smiling. The children reportedly left it out on the front lawn to prank their father. It's not clear where it came from, or why it was at the house, but it is now heading to the dump, unless someone came by and swiped it from Affleck's trash can. One reaction on social media to the cutout being trashed says, "Swear this is the funniest and saddest thing I've seen this week." There are suddenly a lot of people on social media interested in going dumpster diving.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck met early last year while working on the upcoming movie Deep Water. The couple was spotted in Cuba back in March, which is when they dating rumors were confirmed. Affleck and de Armas moved in together over the summer, and leaked images found them looking pretty happy in and around the Los Angeles area. According to a source close to Affleck, "Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three jobs lined up and he's a solid father at home. They are both happy with where they are in their lives."

Another source claims that the couple broke up over Ben Affleck, who is 48-years old, not wanting to have more children. "He would not commit to having more kids," an unnamed source said. "She is in her 30s. It was a deal-breaker." Ana de Armas is currently 32-years old. As for getting back together at some point down the line, that could be difficult after the carboard cutout of de Armas was very publicly thrown in the garbage. One would have to assume that it might be pretty hard to come back from something like that. E! Online was one of the first outlets to report on the trashed cutout.