Warner Bros. has settled on Ben Affleck as the director for their mammoth Stephen King adaptation, The Stand.

The Stand, which follows a group of survivors battling each other after a man-made plague wipes out most of humanity, was already turned into a ABC miniseries in May of 1994. Since that time, many attempts have been made to turn the epic page-turner into a stand-alone feature film, but its story length has proven troublesome. At one point, even Stephen King himself declared that the novel could not be contained within a single movie.

The Stand will certainly stand as a challenge for Ben Affleck, who is embarking on his third directorial feature with Argo. Both of his previous efforts, The Town and Gone Baby Gone, went onto gain much critical praise and support.

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There is no set start date for The Stand, and Ben Affleck is not yet officially signed on.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange