Ben Diskin is the latest person to provide a personality for Spider-Man's classic villain, Venom. Diskin gives voice to Spidey's evil doppleganger in The Spectacular Spider-Man, and at last weekend's Wondercon, he spoke to Comics Continuum about his take on the character.

Diskin first described who Eddie Brock is in this series, as opposed to previous incarnations of the character. "He works at the ESU lab with Doctor Connors," Diskin said. "He's sort of like a big brother to Peter. He was kind of his protector throughout high school and then he graduated and moved on to college. He's one of these guys who has a lot of real serious pyschological issues that he keeps to himself. As the series progresses, you start seeing more and more and more of this demonic, freaky guy who really goes off the deep end."

Diskin also described how he created the voice for Venom:

So what they do is have me record all the lines as the Venom symbiote and then I come it back and they played it through headphones and I loop to it as Eddie Brock's voice. So it has sort of a dual kind of sound to it. Then they'll probably put some extra sound effects to it or they're going to raise or lower the volumes of the different takes.

Diskin wasn't able to provide details about when this season Venom would make his appearance, but he did confirm that Venom would return. "He does become Venom and he gets defeated and right now in the recording sessions, he's on his way back. I don't know what he's going to do when he gets back."

The Spectacular Spider-Man airs Saturday mornings on The CW network. The next episode, "Natural Selection", will air March 15, and features The Lizard.