Ben Kingsley, Julian Sands, Jena Malone, and Michele Martín have signed on to star in A Doll's House for Cinema Alterna and director Charles Huddleston.

The project is an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's 1978 play, set in modern times. The story centers on Nora Helmer (Michele Martín), a young wife trying to escape from her overbearing husband, in the midst of today's economic recession. Ben Kingsley will play Dr. Rank, a family friend of the Helmers, while Jena Malone is set to portray Christine Linde, one of Nora's close friends. Julian Sands will portray Nathan Gynt, a shady loan shark.

Charles Huddleston will direct from a script he co-wrote with Michele Martín, adapted from Henrik Ibsen's play. Here's what Charles Huddleston had to say about updating the play for the 21st Century.

"Ibsen's tale of a family unraveling in the face of the debt crisis is as relevant now as it was a hundred and thirty years ago. By bringing it into today's world I'm going to heighten the characters' emotional turmoil and send them on a frightening journey where their deceptions and financial decisions threaten not only their social standing but their lives."

Production is scheduled to begin in January, on location in Cincinatti.