Fox's new series has a "true Hollywood story" as their new lead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has tapped Ben Koldyke for the lead in their new series, Boldly Going Nowhere. This is Koldyke's first major role, which he secured in an unusual fashion.

Koldyke was set to head back to Chicago in December but was persuaded to give Hollywood one more shot by his acting coach. After he wrote, directed and starred in a digital short, Jedi Gym, it gained the attention of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creators Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton. After originally coming in for a writing/directing gig on the new series, McElhenney persuaded him to try out for the lead, and got the part.

"He came in and nailed it," McElhenney said. "From Day 1, he was the guy to beat." McElhenney also added, "We love the idea of finding talented people out there. The fact that Ben is unknown is great but irrelevant. We wanted the best guy for the lead and he was it."

Koldyke landed the gig without any representation and he had previously met McElhenney in a Venice, California diner where he picked up the tab for McElhenney's breakfast, replacing the bill with a note saying, "Hey, man, I think your show is awesome." The two had become friends after that, but his writing and acting career had still been fading until now. Koldyke is still coming to grips with his own true Hollywood story coming to life.

"I didn't think they actually happen," Koldyke said.