Ben Stiller is lining up two new projects, which utilize his talents on both sides of the camera. The actor is in talks to star in I Am Chippendales for writer-director Alan Ball (American Beauty, True Blood) and he is also in discussions to direct The Current War for TWC-Dimension.

I Am Chippendales is based on the true story of how the Chippendales nightclub was founded by Paul Snider and Somen "Steve" Banerjee, the latter of which pleaded guilty to attempted arson, racketeering and murder for hire charges. He was found dead in his jail cell in 1994. If a deal is finalized, Ben Stiller will play choreographer Nick DeNoia, who helped conceive the idea with Banerjee and attorney Steve Nahin, and was instrumental in turning the male dance club into an international sensation.

Alan Ball is directing from his own screenplay, which was adapted from Rodney Sheldon's book, with Permut Presentations and Sentinel Productions developing and producing.

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The Current War is based on the true story of the rivalry between energy mavens Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, as they both tried to create a sustainable form of electricity for the American people to use.

Michael Mitnick (The Giver) wrote the script, with Steven Zaillian, Garrett Basch and Timur Bekmambetov. No production schedule was given for either of these project, so it is not known which will get off the ground first.

Ben Stiller most recently starred in and directed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and he is currently in production on Night at the Museum 3, which is scheduled to hit theaters this December.