The Los Angeles Times is rumoring that Scott Smith's comedy script, The Mirror, is attracting the likes of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Angelina Jolie.

The Mirror is a cannily written comedy about Ben Stiller, who awakens one day to find his mirror image passing himself off as the real star.

The Scott Smith script, commissioned by Stiller, features Stiller's real-life wife and family, pal Owen Wilson, agent Nick Stevens and Jolie, who plays, well, an irresistible sex goddess.

Smith had initially conceived of the idea as a novella. But after getting to know Stiller, he turned it into a script about an actor who can't handle the notion that everyone, even his own parents, prefer his crafty mirror image to himself.

"I love Philip Roth, who has written lots of novels that feature a character that's a fictional version of himself," says Smith. "But my initial inspiration came from a friend who was trying to become more authentic by stripping away her social persona, only to discover that the world wanted the more fake version of herself."