It seems that Benecio del Toro might be playing an acclaimed American author on the silver screen. According to MTV Movies Blog, Benecio del Toro seems to be in line to portray author Bret Easton Ellis in an adaptation of his novel, Lunar Park.

"Lunar Park is in some state of pre-production. This is a very funny town," chuckled Easton Ellis when we spoke with him recently. "Oddly enough, Benicio Del Toro I think is going to do it."

The casting of Del Toro is sure to raise some eyebrows because the main character in Bret Easton Ellis' novel is...Bret Easton Ellis. Lunar Park is a semi-autobiographical tale that details the early fame he received when his literary career took off in the Eighties, then blurs it with such fictional details as terrorist attacks, ghost hauntings, and a marriage to an actress.

"Benicio would actually be playing Bret Easton Ellis," the author said of his new, unlikely doppelganger. "It's a strange bit of casting."

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