A new film adaptation will pit two high-profile actors against each other. Deadline New York is reporting that Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro have been attached to the new film project An Ex to Grind.

The film will be based off the novel of the same name by Jane Heller, which centers on a battling couple played by Diaz and Del Toro. The story starts out with Del Toro as a famous athlete who will do anything to support his waitress wife, but after his career is cut short by an injury, the tables have turned and she's now a successful businesswoman and he's a lazy couch potato. She files for a divorce, but is stunned that she will have to pay him alimony, so she tries to set him up with a future wife, only to see him become the man she once loved again with the replacement, and now she wants him back.

A writer and director have not been attached to the project as of yet.