A&E has tapped Benjamin Bratt (E-Ring) to star on The Cleaner and negotiating with David Semel to direct and executive produce the television pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The series is based on a real-life extreme interventionist and centers on William (Bratt), a man who finds his calling in helping others. After hitting rock bottom during the birth of his twins, William strikes up a tentative deal with God. He cleans up, goes to prison, kicks his addictions and forms a team dedicated to helping others get away from their addictions by any means necessary while also reuniting with his wife and kids.

"He just switched from one addiction to another -- saving people," said Jonathan Prince, who created The Cleaner with Robert Munic. "We see him go from the darkest of times to becoming a God-avenging angel."

Munic wrote the pilot script and is now writing the second episode.