While Blumhouse is mostly known for its low budget horror movies that do big box office, they've also played around in the family film arena in the past. Most notably with last year's Jem and the Holograms, which was a rare misfire for the studio. But that isn't stopping them from entering the fray yet again. And this time they are doing it with possibly the world's most beloved mutt Benji.

Benji first arrived on the scene in 1974, as America recovered from the Watergate scandal. It was the prefect time for someone like benji to cheer up the country and get people smiling again. Blumhouse feels the same way here in 2017, as a politics-weary country is looking for something bright, poppy and fun to take their minds of the troubles of the world. And this isn't a reboot coming from money hungry producers looking to cash in on the name. Benji 2017 will be coming from the original creator's family.

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Brandon Camp is taking over the reigns of the franchise from his father Joe, who brought Benji to life on the big screen. Accordiong to Deadline, the son is writing and directing a new tale that will take place in modern day. And it will feature a recently rescued 'Benji' dog. Camp is partnering with Blumhouse Productions, with the micro budget studio allowing him the freedom to create the movie he wants to make. The scenario mirrors what dad Joe did back four decades ago with his canine superstar.

The original Benji was made outside of the studio system and became a blockbuster hit. It spawned numerous sequels and spinoffs. It is promised that Blumhouse's horror genre ways will not seep into this first reboot. Camp has been trying to launch a new Benji movie since 2014.

Brandon Camp hopes that the new Benji has a similar affect as the original. The first Benji was rescued form an animal kill shelter, which made headlines back in the 70s. This helped spur an American movement to adopt shelter dogs all over the country. To date, more than 1 million dog lives were sparred solely because of Benji. The new Benji was introduced this past week on NBC's Today show, which you can see in the video below.