Brandon Camp, son of Joe Camp and director of the romantic comedy Love Happens, hopes to keep his father's legacy alive by rebooting the ever popular Benji franchise. But he needs your help in finding the next successor to take over the role of this beloved pooch, originated by a fourteen year old mutt named Higgins in the 1974 original, and then passed down to his daughter, a distant relative, and even a shelter dog discovered in South Mississippi as the series ran the gamut from big screen outings, to TV specials, through a Saturday morning series, and even a comic strip.

Joe Camp and movie animal trainer Mark Forbes have set up a Facebook page that allows pet owners and Shelter Workers to post photos of their dogs and various strays that could possibly make the cut as Benji. If you think the next superstar hound resides in your living room, let Joe Camp and Mark Forbes know: CLICK HERE

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Benji Photo

Joe Camp and Mark Forbes aren't just stopping at this juncture. The two have teamed up on a nationwide search, scouring shelters and rescues across the country. Joe hopes to keep the spirit of the original film in tact, and had this to say about the upcoming film.

"Parents and grandparents will recognize the spirit of Benji. He was always a mutt and will always be a mutt. He is the everydog."

About appeasing his father, who now lives in Nashville, Joe Camp offered these thoughts.

"The irony is he doesn't have to say a thing. I hear his voice constantly in my head. If I screw this up, I have to look him in the eye."

Benji hopes to begin filming sometime next year. All they need is the right dog!