World famous mutt Benji is set to return to the big screen thanks to Walden Media. According to Variety, the scruffy, lovable pooch will star in a new family adventure produced by Brandon Camp, son of Joe Camp Jr., the creator of the Benji franchise.

Brandon Camp will also write and direct this upcoming reboot, which is launching a nationwide search for a canine actor to fill Benji's shoes. The production hopes to team with a rescue organization, and they will screen test dogs at the pound. The original Benji, named Higgins off-screen, was also a pound puppy.

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Camp stated, "My fantasy is to find a stray. The original Benji, the one most of us grew up with, is the look that I'll be going for. Benji is a heartfelt character, and he's always been an underdog. Many companies are interested in bringing back a project purely for the namesake and not the storytelling."

There are no story details at this time, except that this new installment of the franchise will retain the charm and quality of the original. Walden Media hopes to make a family adventure that stays close to the emotional journey Benji has become known for in the past.

Brandon Camp co-wrote and directed the Universal comedy Love Happens starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, and he is set to direct the upcoming Walden Media family film Relativity. Joe Camp Jr. is happy with his son's decision to bring the dog back, stating, "Brandon is the only person on this planet I would trust to carry the torch, and Walden is the perfect fit. It's very satisfying, if not downright emotional, to know that the Camp name will continue to be attached to Benji."