It took a legendary character to take out a gangster in home video. Beowulf debuted atop both the DVD sales and rental charts in the week ending March 2. The Robert Zemeckis film overtook last weekend's double-winner, American Gangster, which slipped to second place in both charts.

Beowulf didn't get much competition from other newcomers. 30 Days of Night opened in fourth place on the sales charts and the straight-to-DVD Barbie Mariposa took sixth on the sales charts.

With the Easter season right around the corner, several former top-selling DVD's made their way back onto the sales charts. Ratatouille took third place, Transformers was upped to fifth, Shrek the Third came in seventh place with The Simpsons: The Movie following in eighth.

Beowulf conquered the rental charts as well, taking in a robust $10.9 million in rental revenue. American Gangster finished strong in second place, though, taking in $8.5 million, dropping just 12% from last weekend's take.

On the high-def end, 30 Days of Night was the top Blu-Ray seller while Beowulf's HD DVD release, likely the last major disc to come from the diminishing format, was tops in that format.