The comedian gets to 'Bernie Mac it' in the new film

Bernie Mac has never denied he's a con-man - and now, he gets to play one on the big screen; he's got a bit part in the new Transformers film playing a used car salesman. He spoke to us a little about the role while promoting his next film, Pride, where he plays opposite Terrence Howard.

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Who do you play in the movie?{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Bernie Mac:Transformers, I play a used car salesman, and all used car salesmen are full of sh*t - scuse my French - but they're con men. And they came to my set and I sold them the Transformer; I didn't know it was the Transformer, I thought it was a piece of junk. And the first thing you do as a salesman, a car salesman - I didn't know this, I did some investigating myself - they always sell you the 'bs' cars first. It's almost like a restaurant - get rid of the food, rotate it. When they come, I didn't know what the car exists of, and I just threw them a line; I'm a fast talker, quick whit guy. I got a chance to have some fun and Michael Mann (he meant Bay) - man, I've been fortunate, man, because every director allows Bernie Mac to do his thing. I have not been handcuffed since my career started from Ted Demme; every time a director, every time we'd do it straight, they always tell me, 'Now Bernie Mac it.' That's a luxury, you know.

Transformers launches onto the big screen July 4, 2007.

Pride opens March 23rd.