Lock the doors and board-up the windows. Berserkers is here to consume your bowels and eat your face off. From director Jacob Mulliken and Wild Eye Releasing comes the horror comedy that turns the zombie genre on its head, literally. Called "insane, funny and full of high energy" by those who've seen it, Berserkers promises to unleash all kinds of undead madness. And it's sure to be a treat for horror hounds of all ages.

Today, Wild Eye Releasing has debuted the official trailer for Berserkers, which arrives with a new one-sheet for the horror thriller. Berserkers will be available on DVD and Digital April 27. If you didn't already have plans this weekend, then enter the gory and depraved world of Berserkers.

Four friends must fight for their lives when the everyone in their hometown is turned into bloodthirsty maniacs, only to find themselves escaping to a post apocalyptic wasteland as a virus slowly engulfs the world. As the tagline suggests, "Get Out of the Way or Die!"

The ensemble cast includes Dave Petti (Bob Roberts), Rebecca Gruss (The Knick), and James Quinn (The Dark Knight Rises). Jacob O'Brien Mulliken wrote and directed the feature film, and also stars in the movie. Originally titled Meltdown, it appears that Berserkers has been around awhile trying to find distribution. IMDB lists the movie as having been released in 2014. Now, Wild Eye Releasing is giving the gruesome frightfest a proper home and release.

Berserkers marks the directorial debut of Jacob O'Brien Mulliken, following his 2012 short film Meltdown, upon which Berserkers is based. Mulliken has been acting in Hollywood since 2008, with his first major role coming in the first season of Breaking Bad. He took the lead in the 2012 horror mystery Dark of Water. He later took on a lead role in Monongahela, as one of three friends on an adventure to find the creature in the Monongahela river.

Berserkers is the perfect horror movie outing for a Spring Break sleepovers heading into summer, and will provide scares and laughs drenched in blood. Along with the trailer, Wild Eye Releasing also offers up a blazing hot poster featuring zombified friends hungry and hunting for fresh flesh. We also have a batch of photos.

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