As with almost any year, 2016 has had its fair share of good and bad movies. We are right in the middle of the summer movie season, and it feels like there are way too many movies coming out every week. It is becoming really hard to keep up with them all. Either that, or a truly excellent movie may get little or no attention when during its initial launch. That being the case, it is really easy for some truly great movies to slip through the cracks.

In terms of what movies people are seeing this year, it isn't exactly a surprise. Though, one look at the Box Office Mojo 2016 top grossing movies chart, and there are a few things that weren't expected back in January. Disney is having another astonishing year, with Captain America: Civil War having grossed $1.147 billion worldwide, good enough for the top spot overall. Zootopia was expected to be a hit, but not a $1 billion blockbuster, good enough for the number two spot this year. If that wasn't good enough, Disney also killed it with The Jungle Book, which made $930 million worldwide. Those movies may have over-performed, but it isn't exactly mind blowing that a lot of people saw them.

We all know that superhero movies are going to do very well, even when they don't. Deadpool was considered to be a massive risk for Fox, and even if it had made half of the $780 million it wound up making, it would have been a huge success. On the flip side of the coin, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made a seemingly very respectable $872 million, but it has been widely considered a failure, as it should have easily made $1 billion. Either way, a lot of people saw these two movies.

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But what about the movies that may have slipped through yoru fingers? With Cannes and other film festivals taking place throughout the year, we may hear a lot of buzz for smaller movies, but might not ever get wind of when they are playing near us, or how to see them at all. Not only that, but the VOD market has grown so much, that a movie may barely have any kind of a theatrical release before winding up on your cable box or on iTunes to rent. In any case, it is pretty easy to miss a great movie these days.

2016 specifically has had some truly excellent movies that not nearly enough people have seen. These movies range from very tiny indie movies, to blockbuster level movies that just not enough people felt the need to take the time to go see for some reason. Even if you see a lot of movies, it is very likely you have missed at least a few of these, so here are 7 of the best 2016 movies you might have missed this year.

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 CloverField Lane

Some might say it is very unfair to put a movie that made more than $100 million at the global box office on a list like this. Those people would be wrong, in my humble opinion. 10 Cloverfield Lane is such a unique movie, and that may have been part of the problem which kept it from making the boatloads of cash it probably deserved. What's more is that none of us even knew that we were getting the long awaited sort-of sequel to Cloverfield we had been waiting years for until just a few months before its release. As anyone who saw the movie will tell you, it was worth the very long wait.

J.J. Abrams pulled a fast one over on us and disguised 10 Cloverfield Lane as an unheard of thriller that nobody cared about, directed by a total newbie in Dan Trachtenberg. The movie centers around three people who are locked in a bomb shelter after something mysterious goes very wrong on the outside. John Goodman delivers one the best and most chilling performances of his career and the isolation makes for an excellent thriller, until the world opens up at the end. What is so great and so fun about the movie is that it spends most of the time being one thing, and then very suddenly, becomes something entirely different. It is something that only a guy like Abrams could get away with and works out to be a terrible amount of fun. If you missed it in theaters, do yourself a favor and watch it on Blu-ray with some friends. It is like one, long, excellent episode of The Twilight Zone with a killer cast and a big budget. Need I say more?



I remember seeing the initial advertising materials for Keanu. I saw that cat and thought "This movie is going to crush it." As it turns out, it didn't. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The first Key and Peele movie only made just over $20 million in total at the box office, and that is a complete crime. Anyone who watched Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele do their thing on Comedy Central knows that they are some of the most gifted comedy minds working in Hollywood today,and Keanu serves as a great extension of that. For those that may not know, the movie is something of a spoof of the Keanu Reeves movie John Wick ,and revolves around Key and Peele trying to get their kitten back from a bunch of drug dealers.

For one, the pair couldn't have cast a cuter and more perfect kitten for the role of Keanu, and that oddly anchors the emotion of the movie. But really, nobody cares about that. What they really want to do is laugh, and Keanu will absolutely make you laugh. Either that, or you may be dead inside. Keanu is without question of the funniest movies of the year and has gone criminally under-appreciated. If you've liked anything you have ever seen Key and Peele do, then this is a movie you absolutely must see.

Ryan Scott