Everybody likes to laugh. Right? For a long time it seems like the comedy movies we've been getting have been playing it safe to a certain degree. There have been been funny scenes in movies but it doesn't seem like there have been full on funny movies. 2015 is changing that. Now, the fact that three of the films on this list are sequels might seem a bit redundant, but we have a feeling that they and the other films will be as unique (or more unique) than their predecessors. As for the new films, they appear to be funny movies as opposed to movies with funny moments. Add to that they seem to go deeper, merging the sociological with the personal elements of comedy, and that dear readers is reason enough to guffaw. Here are the 7 Best Comedy Movies of 2015!


Spy movie

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The role of Susan Cooper, a long standing CIA analyst who has never gotten a chance to show her stuff, is one Melissa McCarthy seems born to play. Melissa McCarthy and company could have rested on on their laurels with that premise alone. However, Spy has chosen to turn things up a notch with solid turns from Jude Law, Jason Statham and Russian retro-villian Rose Byrne. Director/Writer Paul Feig reteams with Melissa McCarthy after the misstep that was last summer's Tammy. While they are on surer ground here, they also don't shy away from being truly dangerous.

B. Alan Orange