Everybody likes to laugh. Right? For a long time it seems like the comedy movies we've been getting have been playing it safe to a certain degree. There have been been funny scenes in movies but it doesn't seem like there have been full on funny movies. 2015 is changing that. Now, the fact that three of the films on this list are sequels might seem a bit redundant, but we have a feeling that they and the other films will be as unique (or more unique) than their predecessors. As for the new films, they appear to be funny movies as opposed to movies with funny moments. Add to that they seem to go deeper, merging the sociological with the personal elements of comedy, and that dear readers is reason enough to guffaw. Here are the 7 Best Comedy Movies of 2015!


Spy movie
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The role of Susan Cooper, a long standing CIA analyst who has never gotten a chance to show her stuff, is one Melissa McCarthy seems born to play. Melissa McCarthy and company could have rested on on their laurels with that premise alone. However, Spy has chosen to turn things up a notch with solid turns from Jude Law, Jason Statham and Russian retro-villian Rose Byrne. Director/Writer Paul Feig reteams with Melissa McCarthy after the misstep that was last summer's Tammy. While they are on surer ground here, they also don't shy away from being truly dangerous.

2Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Paul Blart 2

Okay, I know what you're saying, I've just lost you with this pick. Lets think about something, the original Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a sleeper hit because Kevin James really sells this character. Paul Blart 2 transposes him to Las Vegas, sets him loose in the city of sin, and actually has a lot of fun the process. There are comedy purists that will never embrace Kevin James...And that's fine. He embraces his role here enough for everyone.


Vacation 2015

Like many, the idea that this film was being remade was met with snarky skepticism. The first film has reached legendary status. The 1980s tale of Clark Griswold taking his family across the country to visit the Wally World theme park was seen as untouchable. Well, one thing this newish film did right off the bat was cast it with solid actors. Throw in a supporting part played by Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth), and the the trailer for this film alone has made the Vacation 2015 one of this year's most anticipated laugh-fests.

4Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Okay, this film isn't on this list because it completely blew away expectations at the box office (financial renumeration doesn't mean that a movie is good, right?). Rather, it is on here because there is something about this cast, singing Top 40 tunes, that makes people want to pay to see them do it again and again. In a time where everything old is new again, Pitch Perfect 2 very easily gets the "Comfort Award" for 2015.

5Ted 2

Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane has proven to us that he is more than just a funny guy. While the first Ted took a silly premise and made a very good movie out of it, the second one seems to be going for something different entirely. The crux of this new film is that Ted and his new wife want to have a child. In order for this to happen, he must prove that he is a human. Why does this work? Because everybody who has ever owned a stuffed animal has either pretended or wanted it to be "real" at some point in both their lives (see what I did there?). This brilliantly, universal concept already makes Ted 2 a stand out.



In real life, Amy Schumer seems like she might be a lot of trouble in a relationship. Not because she is difficult, but because she is Amy Schumer. So, by putting her in a movie, with a plot that that seems completely foreign to who she is, the title might actually be telling moviegoers a lot more than they bargained for! While not the riskiest project she could have done, Amy Schumer risks a great deal as she shows us different aspects of herself here.

7Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything

The premise behind this film sees Simon Pegg given unearthly powers by a band of extraterrestrials. No stranger to science fiction comedy, the pairing of Simon Pegg and this material seems like it was meant to be. Add to this mix the always good Kate Beckinsale and fans of comedy have no good reason to avoid this film. However, if that is not enough for you discerning comedy folk... the late, great Robin Williams makes an appearance in a voice role. This might be thee funny film of 2015.

Do you think all of these movies are funny enough? Or did we miss a movie you think is going to be even funnier? Chime in with your thoughts below, and we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we find another comedy gem that needs to be discussed amongst the masses!