With content providers doing everything they can to grab your attention (and the attention of your kids), it is understandable that users are overwhelmed. Lets be honest, with the volumes and volumes of content that is offered who has time to really browse a site for all the best films? Well, look no further as we believe we have you covered with the 15 best kids and family movies available on Netflix right now.

Kids movies are a dime a dozen. Yet, they are the holy grail for content creators. Provide a respite for weary parents, one that is actually going to help your children, and you will have some very satisfied customers. Break that trust and it will be something that is very hard to get back. Something that will not only stain your reputation as a provider of solid content, but also something that will make you easily forgotten in today's world of content overload. Basically, you have a lot more to lose than one time viewership, because the beauty of today's content enriched world is that younger people tend to watch the same things over and over.

Add to that the ease with which this content can be obtained. Netflix is on every device imaginable. Open the app and you have thousands of films at your fingertips. It literally is so easy a very young child could figure it out. It is with all of this in mind that we have put this list together. The best part? Netflix is constantly switching up their content. They are a "consumer obsessed" company so chances are more than one of the films on this list will grab your interest.

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The Jungle Book (2016)

Jungle Book 2016

This much revered retelling of The Jungle Book tale boasts such cast members as Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, and Bill Murray. It follows Mowgli, who leaves home and braves the jungle with a big assist from a panther named Bagheera and a bear named Baloo. At first you might wonder about the need to make such a film, however, I defy you to watch The Jungle Book and not thank Netflix for putting it in your queue.

The BFG (2016)


This somewhat overlooked gem from Steven Spielberg (hey, it cost $140 million to make and it grossed a paltry $183 million worldwide), The BFG has everything you want in a kid's film. Netflix certainly knows how to grab content people want, even if they don't want to see it in the theater. The story is essentially about a Big Friendly Giant that teams up with a little girl to stop giants from taking over the human world. With a strong message of acceptance, dazzling special effects, there's something here for both adults and kids.

Paddington (2014)


Paddington is the story of a young bear finding a home with the Brown family. So special is this story, so deftly woven together by director Paul King, that it literally glides effortlessly across the screen. Paddington is quiet in tone, big on laughs, and strong in spirit. It's the kind of movie Netflix needs and the sort of film that parents love sharing with their kids.

Baby's Day Out (1994)

Baby's Day Out

With the name of the title character being Baby Bink, Baby's Day Out is a classic screwball comedy in the mode of Frank Capra. Basically, Baby Bink gets kidnapped but ends up giving the kidnappers much more than they bargained for. With a cast that includes Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Mantegna, and Joe Pantoliano (whose fun bad guy recalls Ralph Cifaretto from The Sopranos), this Netlfix gem from 1994 is a true darling. Baby's Day Out may be sort of an oddball film, but that's only because it's so much fun.

Bee Movie (2007)

Bee Movie

Jerry Seinfeld as the main voice in a kid's film like Bee Movie? Talk about a slam dunk. The story follows Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) as a bee who goes against nature. He doesn't want to make honey. He soon finds out that human's devour honey, and he sets about taking legal recourse. With a truly unique premise, Bee Movie is a stand-out on the content stacked Netflix and that's saying something!

Evan Jacobs