The first trailer has arrived for Best Friends Forever, the directorial debut of actress Brea Grant, which is set to premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival later this month. Brea Grant also stars as Harriet, who goes on a road trip from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas with her friend Reba (Vera Miao). Little do they know, they are driving through a nuclear crisis. Take a look at the first footage from this upcoming indie.

Best Friends Forever is a clever dark comedy and heartfelt road trip buddy film wrapped in an apocalyptic disaster story, with two badass girls. Harriet (Brea Grant), a perpetually optimistic comic-book artist, dreams of escaping her past in Los Angeles and hits the road for a new life in Austin, Texas. She drags Reba (Vera Miao), her seemingly devil-may-care BFF, along for the ride. In the hush period following mysterious nuclear explosions, the girls are forced to ask: When faced with the end of the world - what is most important to you?