A Quiet Place (April 6)

A Quiet Place

Of all the horror movies slated for release, A Quiet Place seems like it might be the best. Heck, A Quiet Place seems like it could win an Oscar. Directed by John Krasinski The Office, A Quiet Place turns its lens on a family that lives away from everything and never makes a sound. Apparently, there is some crazy thing around them that will attack if any noise is made. Based on the trailer, A Quiet Place looks AWESOME.

Truth or Dare (April 13)

Truth or Dare

Why is it that the game Truth or Dare makes for such ripe fodder for horror movies? Directed by Jeff Wadlow Kick-Ass 2, this film follows what happens when a game of truth or dare turns deadly. As you can guess there is a lot of cat and mouse, red herrings, and macguffins to make you truly wonder if the characters ever should have played at all. This film seems like it will stand out amidst the current horror offerings of 2018.

The First Purge (July 4)

<strong><em>The First Purge</em></strong>

The Purge was an amazing film that, like other great horror films, commented on the class system in our society. The sequels have continued this idea but The Purge: The Island is an origin story of sorts. It traces the very beginning of the whole purge system and how it came to be the event that it is. With marketing tools that are clearly a swipe at President Trump, The First Purge is either going to break new ground for this franchise, or be seen as a cheap shot to our beleaguered administration. Whatever The First Purge is, we will be watching.

The Nun (July 13)

The Nun movie

When a nun mysteriously dies, Father Burke (Demián Bichir) heads to Rome to find out the cause of her death. By all accounts this film from director Corin Hardy seems like a fairly pedantic horror film. However, many a scary movie is presented that way on the surface, but when we dig a little deeper we uncover true horror. For those that doubt this remember a little film called The Exorcist before you dismiss The Nun!

The Meg (August 10)

The Meg

Okay, here is The Meg in a nutshell. Jason Statham, with an assist from Ruby Rose, is starring in a shark movie. Need we say more about The Meg? Probably. Most of the movie takes place underwater, if that weren't claustrophobic enough for you. And it will see Jason Statham fighting one of the biggest sharks ever committed to celluloid. Bruce the Great White from Jaws has got nothing on this guy. This is one movie that has been long in the making, and we can't believe it's almost here. Let's hope the movie lives up to the hype.

Evan Jacobs