The holidays are a tricky time for many. There are those that love every single, solitary thing about them. Then there are those who can take them or leave them. No matter who you are...Man, woman or child, there are no doubt moments of incredible joys and also incredible doldrums.

This is where our list of kids Christmas movies comes in. It aims to be very positive. The hope is that by reading a list such as this we will feel unity, harmony and long to return to these films year after year with our families. Especially the little ones.

Even though this is a holiday movie list, it is both eclectic and filled with the standards we have come to expect. You can't have a list without Home Alone or A Christmas Story. However, films like Get Santa, while not as well known, certainly deserve their place on this list, too. We've dug deep into IMDB to find the very best.

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The fact that we are focusing on Christmas movies for kids doesn't simply limit this list to kids movies. Kids is a broad term. Many of these Christmas movies teach life lessons that will last all year long. Quite simply, there's something for everybody.

So sit back, bundle up, put on a kettle of tea or a cup of hot cocoa, gather the loved ones around and dive into the best family movies ever made for kids of all ages. Some of these titles may spark a new interest in the holidays. Other films are sure to bring back fond memories of more innocent times. Whatever the case, this list is bound to make you feel something and feeling is what the holidays are all about.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Set in the 1940s this film is centered around Ralphie (Peter Billingsley - who would go on to produce Iron Man!) and his desire to own a BB gun. Ralphie is the perfect blank canvas for the unusual cast of characters that this film presents. Filled with loads of holiday cheer and warmth, A Christmas Story is a film for all time.

Home Alone

<strong><em>Home Alone</em></strong>

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) doesn't want to be around his family during the holidays. So when they leave him at home things aren't that bad. Then his house becomes the object of two burglars desire. Not only does Kevin have to save his house, he's gotta make right by his family. Home Alone is one of those classic Christmas movies for kids. Considering it's from the 1990s that is really saying something.

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause

The premise of this story is uniquely dark. Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) accidentally makes Ole Saint Nick shuffle the mortal coil. Well, you can't just cancel Christmas so Calvin dons the red the suit, grabs the reindeer and sets about giving gifts to the world. The premise of the movie is a bit hokey but this film ultimately has its heart in the right place. Kids and adults can watch this movie together and laugh for completely different reasons.

Evan Jacobs